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Heal Your Joints With Exercise

Arthritis is an issue that many people will have to face at some point in their lives. The pain that it causes in the joints can make many everyday tasks become difficult and uncomfortable. For those that are dealing with this issue, there is one simple thing you can do to help alleviate some of these symptoms: exercise. It has been found that exercise can help add strength and flexibility to the joints and decrease some of the associated discomfort. It is important to research exercises that can be beneficial and ease your way into them.

Aerobic exercise is a great way to help alleviate joint pain as well as benefit your overall health and wellness. Aerobic helps benefit your cardiovascular system, can help decrease weight and even give you added energy throughout the day.

Some forms of aerobic exercise that can benefit joint inflammation could include walking, bicycling, or even swimming. It has been found that doing some sort of aerobic exercise for two to three hours a week can improve arthritis symptoms and ease the activities of daily living.

For those that may be new to the exercise scene it is important to start slow. If there is any increased discomfort felt during or after aerobic activity, it is wise to break it into smaller workouts with added rest. As you are able to increase your exercise intensity you will also be increasing your stamina and be able to potentially add more frequency throughout the week.

Another way to help reduce the symptoms would be to add strength training to your workout regimen. By increasing the strength of the muscles around the joint, there will be less strain found on the joints themselves. Adding muscle will also benefit many other areas of your health and can even help slow the loss of bone density.

There are many ways to incorporate strength training into your days, but it is important to start slow. Resistance bands are a great way for beginners to learn about strength training and focus on lifting technique. There are many ways to set up a strength training plan that allow you to focus on different muscle groups throughout the week. Doing multiple sets at a light weight will help increase muscle endurance without overexerting the joints. Strength training workouts can also be easily modified if the discomfort or soreness begins to worsen.

Pain in the joints associated with arthritis can cause drastic changes to a person's daily life. It is important to discuss with a doctor or specialist the benefits of exercise and how it can help. If the discomfort becomes worse, it is highly recommended to stop and seek physician help immediately.



Jenny Jays
Does This help with back pain and what exercise should I do
Margarett Emery

I found this article interesting but I get confused at what exercises I should try. In particular for my hands/wrists.

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