Weighted Lap Pad
Weighted Lap Pad
Weighted Lap Pad
Weighted Lap Pad

Weighted Lap Pad

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 Weighted pads show a great deal of promise for helping people with arthritis better manage pain, soreness, and related symptoms. 

The weighted lap pad is a sensory tool that offers Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) to a person’s legs as it rests on the lap when in a seated position. The weighted lap pad can be used anywhere when people need to stay sitting for an extended period of time. It’s wonderful for activities like.

  • Car or plane rides
  • Mealtime
  • While watching TV or..,
  •  While sitting.

This is a perfect sensory pad or blanket with a mink dot design that can give you an easy way to manage your pain and discomfort while sitting. It will help you to relax and manage arthritis symptoms. 

Key Features

  1. INCREASE RELAXATION–stress and anxiety can amplify the perception of pain which reason why doctors often recommend deep breathing exercises and other stress-relieving techniques to their arthritis patients. The weighted pad can provide this relaxation feeling arthritis patients need. The slight pressure from the pad will decrease the stress hormone cortisol and slowly melt away your stress, making your pain seem more manageable.  
  2. PAIN MANAGEMENT: Unfortunately, there are currently no scientific studies on the use of weighted pads for arthritis, but there is emerging evidence that they can help with chronic pain, which many arthritis patients suffer from.
  3. RESTFUL SLEEP Arthritis and insomnia tend to go hand in hand and sometimes it is hard to get a good night’s sleep when you are in pain. So, the weighted pad can stimulate the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, helping you fall into a deeper and more restorative sleep.
  4. SENSORY HUG –Similar to receiving a hug, weighted pads can trigger a surge of mood-boosting hormones (serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine) which can make you happy.
  5. REMINDER FOR SELF-CARE–If you overdo it or surpass your limits, you could end up triggering an arthritis flare-up. Using a weighted pad can act as a reminder to slow down and get the rest you need.
  6. MACHINE WASHABLE: The pad is machine washable with cold water and then low heat tumble dry or hang dry. Do not use fabric softener, as the mink fabric stays soft on its own.

For additional stress relief, consider listening to music or practicing deep breathing as you use our weighted lap pad.


  • Color: Blue

  • Materials: Exterior:100% Polyester Minky

  • Size: 21 inches x 19 inches

  • Weight:  5Ib

  • Weighted Interior: Glass Beads & Non-Woven Bag

  • Recommended limits & uses: For ages 3+


  • Do not use with babies or children under 2 years of age
  • Do not use fabric softener, as the mink fabric stays soft on its own.




Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
David P.
Perfect for arthritis

I adore this lap pad and it could not be more perfect for my needs as a person with arthritis. It is a great product, made with care. The fabric is soft and snuggly.

Helen F.
great gift

It was a great gift for my father since it helps him nap.

Mary J.
soft texture!

I bought this for my mother with arthritis and she loves the soft texture and the weight on her lap calms her down when she gets restless.

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