Arthritis Thumb Splint
Arthritis Thumb Splint
Arthritis Thumb Splint
Arthritis Thumb Splint

Arthritis Thumb Splint

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Hand and wrist injuries can range from the acute (normally associated with sudden trauma) to the chronic (often resulting from overuse or repeated motion).

This brace is ideal for arthritic conditions and weak, injured or sore thumbs. Helps provide relief of thumb pain without limiting hand movement.


ADJUSTABLE THUMB STRAP: The adjustable thumb strap provides a secure fit to match the shape of your hand.

ALLEVIATE THUMB PAIN: Designed to alleviate pain and support the thumb joints and ligaments, this brace restricts the movement of the thumb while supplying adjustable compression and retaining therapeutic heat to improve circulation and promote healing. 


  1. With steel bars to protect the injured thumb.
  2. No steel bars to prevent sports injuries. 

BREATHABLE MATERIAL: Made with breathable material to release excess heat and moisture, ensuring your skin stays comfortable, clean, and dry underneath.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE: The lightweight brace allows the full use of the remaining fingers so you can complete daily tasks with ease.

FULLY ADJUSTABLE: The wrist strap is fully adjustable, ensuring a snug fit.

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