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Elegant Magnetic Copper Ring


The healing properties of copper are an enzymatic chemical reaction positively involving the body’s own chemistry.

When copper is in direct contact with the skin, the micro-nutrient properties of copper enter the bloodstream through the skin as a copper salt, resulting from a mix of body oils and acids.

Most of wearers of copper jewelry find it relieves the symptoms of arthritis and circulation problems.

Spiritually, copper is also considered a metal capable of storing healing properties holistically, as well as having protective properties. This is why it was used in ancient times for totems and talismans.



  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • Effective: with proven record of success in helping to relieve arthritis, joint pains, RSI, carpal tunnel, migraines, and fatigue.
  • 2 high strength therapeutic magnets.

Magnets that are positioned near finger joints and tendons deliver the maximum effect for relieving pain.

  • Adjustable Size: Fits most sized fingers and is bendable.