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Functional Pencil Holder Writing Aid for Arthritis (3PCS)

When the joints are affected by arthritis, activities of daily living can be difficult.

Hands have multiple small joints that work together to produce motion, including the fine motion needed to thread a needle, tie a shoelace or write a letter.

Our Pencil Holder's ergonomic design provides relief of hand fatigue and pain. They reduce grip pressure, relieving writing pain and discomfort while ensuring a comfortable writing.

Specially designed for people with arthritis, hand cramping, dystonia, Carpal Tunnel and any type of grip impairment or for just plain comfort.

It allows one finger to exert downward pressure for writing and you don't need to squeeze it. 



  1. These pencil holders relieve writing pain and discomfort.
  2. Provide writing control for people with poor fine motor skills.
  3. Reduce the amount of finger pressureneeded to write.
  4. They are used for finger stress relief as well as prevention of cramping, or other difficulties.
  5. Reduce muscle strain while ensuring a comfortable writing.