Gel Heel Pads (Pair)
Gel Heel Pads (Pair)
Gel Heel Pads (Pair)
Gel Heel Pads (Pair)
Gel Heel Pads (Pair)
Gel Heel Pads (Pair)
Gel Heel Pads (Pair)
Gel Heel Pads (Pair)

Gel Heel Pads (Pair)

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Wearing nonsupportive footwear on hard, flat surfaces puts abnormal strain on the plantar fascia and can also lead to plantar fasciitis. This is particularly evident when one’s job requires long hours on the feet. Obesity and overuse may also contribute to plantar fasciitis.
Placing a pad in the heel softens the impact of walking, helps support the foot and reduces strain on the fascia.
They are made from soft silicone gel for maximum comfort. They slip over the heels and around the ankle for a secure fit. These gel heel protectors can be worn with most closed shoes, as well as barefoot.
Key Features:
  • Support the heels for greater comfort
  • Ease ligament pain and inflammation
  • Relieve heel pain and promote healing
  • Wear with or without shoes
  • DYNAMIC HEEL PROTECTION: they provide complete comfort for plantar fasciitis and anything uncomfortable in the area. 
  • PROVIDES COMPRESSION:  Helps to alleviate pain from fallen arches. Absorbs shock from heel strike which will prevent heel spurs that often follow plantar fasciitis. Soften the calluses, moisturizing whitening.
  • FLEXIBLE, CUSHIONED, DURABLE: Help to relieve severe heel pain and sore hurting heels, aching feet, aches, sprained foot, and swollen feet.

Washable and reusable:
Just wash them with soap and water, air dry.

Designed For:
- Plantar Fasciitis
- Heel pain
- Heel spurs
- Cracked heels
- Dry feet
- Foot pain
- Trouble walking without pain

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