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Magnetic Arthritis Relief Gloves

These Gloves are ideal for relieving pain in your hands caused by arthritis.


1. Comfortable, lightweight gloves provide gentle compression & massaging relief.

2. Magnet gauss strength 2g's - 10g's per magnet (160).

3. They offer concentric circle magnets, providing a unique magnetic field configuration that aligns the ions in your blood stream to increase circulation.

4. This extra blood flow accelerates healing, reduces pain, and rejuvenates your hand, and ensures the optimum magnetic field to the problem area.

5. Provides pain relief in hands caused by Arthritis, stiffness, or general overuse.

6. Offers gentle compression and massaging for all day relief.

7. Lightweight, fingerless design that will not intrude on daily activities.

8. Suitable for men or women. One size fits all.

9. These Magnetic Joint Gloves offer a controlled compression and have magnets on the joints to ease pain in fingers, wrists and hands.

10. Machine washable.

11. Not suitable for users that are pregnant.

12. Material: Nylon and Elastane