4 Ways to conquer the Fear of Falling!

The fear of falling is a very natural and normal concern, in fact we are all scared of a fall to some degree. When we are young and strong we don't tend to think about it happening and falls come as a surprise. As we age, however, and our muscles become less strong and less elastic we start to have balance problems. We become more fearful of a fall knowing that even a small slip could cause a bad injury. The constant fear of a fall can impact our lives so it is important to address this and formulate strategies to make us feel more confident.

Address any Risks or Hazards:

It is important to have confidence in your surroundings and capabilities. If you have an injury that hampers the motion of your legs or general balance address this and take steps. A walking aid such as a stick can give you extra support and confidence. An injured knee may need extra support from perhaps a brace.

Hazards should always be considered especially in the home. Keep your floors free of clutter and try to leave space between furniture to give you room to get around. If your home is free of tripping hazards you can feel more confident. While in the outside world pay attention to where you are walking. Watch out for uneven sidewalks, trip hazards and patches of ice in winter.

Falls Plan:

If you have a plan in place in the event of a fall you can set your mind somewhat at ease. Keep a mobile telephone or personal alert system with you and make sure they are charged up. These devices can be used to contact help should you fall. Have a plan in place that will allow help to enter your home should you fall such as a key with a neighbor or a lock box outside with a code that contains a spare key. It is also important to share your falls plan with friends and family so they may expect a call if you need help.

Balance and Posture Exercises:

Exercise can get difficult as you get older but light workouts can make a big difference in balance confidence. Gentle yoga can help tone leg and arm muscles giving you a more stable base. Regular short walks will also help with your limb strength.

When to Talk to a Doctor:

If you cannot seem to break your fear of falling despite implementing plans to limit the risk or impact you may need to see a doctor. Sometimes try as you might the fear will not go away and your quality of life decreases as a result. Your doctor can suggest a number of extra steps which can help with your fears.

The key to conquering a fear of falling is to take your confidence back. Controlling your environment and knowing that if the worst happens you can get help, so you should plan what you'll do in case of a fall and always share that plan with your family and friends.

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