6 Foods That Can Help Ease Arthritis Pain

Over the years, there has been a lot of research done concerning the correlation between foods that may help inflammation known as arthritis. Arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can be debilitating conditions. Some people with these conditions lose the ability to use their hands and other parts of their bodies. They suffer in pain constantly and the many medications used out there today may not be effective or may cause some terrible side effects. Studies are starting to show that there are many foods that may help with this disease. 

Foods that May Help

When you suffer from this disease, you need to eat as healthy as possible. Being overweight can make your symptoms worse, and there are some foods out there that may worsen your condition. There are some foods that are being shown as beneficially reducing the amount of inflammation that you have in your body. Here are 6 foods that you should be consuming frequently to help alleviate any symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis. 
1. Cruciferous vegetables: Vegetables such as cabbage, Brussel sprouts, and broccoli, are all part of this family. These vegetables contain a compound called sulforaphane which has been shown in mice to slow damage to the cartilage. 
2. Garlic: Garlic contains a compound called diallyl disulfide that in testing, has been shown to help this disease. 

3. Turmeric: This super food has been coming into the limelight recently. Studies have shown that is has a compound called curcumin. This food has been used in the Indian cuisine for years because of its anti-inflammation benefits. 

4. Vitamin C: Consuming as many fruits and vegetables as you can that are loaded with vitamin C is important. Vitamin C can help to reduce the progression of this disease and some studies are showing that it can even help heal some areas that have been damaged. 

5. Fatty fish: Omega 3’s that are found in fatty fish are said to help fight the disease. Try adding fish to your diet regularly and if you aren’t a fish person, you can always consider adding in a supplement.

6. Tart cherries: Tart cherries are popular in treating pain because of the ingredient, anthocyanin. This ingredient gives the cherry its red color and helps to improve symptoms and even has been shown to help improve stiffness.

Consider adding some of these foods to your diet today. The healthier food that you eat, the better chance that you will have at lowering your inflammation and possibly getting rid of this debilitating disease.
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