Be Happy, Feel Happy! A Simple Guide to Achieving Happiness

Just be, HAPPY! Smile enjoy the little things. Seems simple when you say it but not everybody would agree.
Life may give you a little more than you can chew at times, but it cannot define what makes you happy. Only you can do that. Happiness is possible no matter the person or situation, happiness does not discriminate. We all have the capability to be happy in our life, with our lives!
Some may find it by the simple means of gratitude. While others may need a little help and decide to utilize tools like meditation or journal keeping. Happiness can be anything, it can be everything, happiness is in you! Your awesome, and it's about time you start feeling awesome too because you deserve it.
Happiness is fundamental in our day to day lives. To be happy is to love yourself and when you can love yourself, your capability to find happiness elsewhere becomes that much easier. Life can be extremely hectic at times, more so for some then others but happiness is never absent. You just must reach out and grab it. You can train yourself by practicing happiness daily. Try to smile more, laugh when something may not be that funny. Isolate yourself somewhere beautiful, peaceful or surround yourself with energetic and happy people. Take it all in and allow yourself to fall in love with simply being alive, being you! Believe you can be happy, write positive notes to yourself as reminders that happiness is possible.
Build positive habits and do away with any of the negative old ones. Stay active travel, socialize more, treat yourself when possible. Happiness is possible for everybody, no exclusions.
Sometimes, we all need a hand. A familiar phrase we all heard one to many times. That is, OK! There is nothing wrong with seeking help or support. Motivation from others is awesome. Friends, life coaches, even social media all prove great tools in helping achieve happiness.
Other tools like meditation, retreats, and even a simple small vacation can also help. You can work on your health and exercise more. After all health and happiness go hand in hand. Pick up routine habits and hobbies like fishing, running, or even bird watching. Read more, take more baths. Point being, take care of yourself first and foremost. Understand that everybody's path to happiness is different but only focus on yours. Be happy with you and it will allow you to find happiness in all else.
Many agree that gratitude is an essential part of happiness, well it is. It brings a warm feeling over you and kind of makes you tingle inside when utilized. Yes, that's happiness. Hold on to it tight, it wont bite.

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