Facts about Arthritis


Arthritis is a common bodily condition that is characterized by severe body pain or pain around the joints. Usually, elderly individuals are most susceptible to this condition, even though it can happen to anyone. Arthritis is usually caused to due to extensive over-exertion on your body. It can also occur due to injuries you have experienced in the past. The condition is characterized by severe pain and inflammation in your joints. 

A vast majority of people in the United States continue to battle osteoarthritis. According to several surveys and studies, millions of individuals (elderly or not) struggle with arthritis daily. These people experience limited mobility while trying to walk, climb the stairs, and bend or move their knees. If you're working regularly despite arthritis, the situation can get problematic unless addressed at the right time. 

But how exactly does arthritis affect your body and what are the greater consequences? Well, these are some facts we are going to explore in the following few sections of the article. So, if you or your loved ones are suffering from arthritis, here's some crucial information you need to know. 

Arthritis is No Simple Matter

A strange fact about arthritis is that it is extremely complex. Currently, there are more than 100 types of arthritis, the most common ones being:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Gout
  • Rheumatic Arthritis

Interestingly, even though these conditions share common symptoms, they don't always have the same cause. While you might experience osteoarthritis due to constant and prolonged exertion of your body, rheumatic arthritis is a form of autoimmune condition where your immune system starts to attack the tissues and parts of your body.

Diagnosing Arthritis is Crucial

Many individuals aren't as keen on getting their arthritis diagnosed because there is no cure for the condition. However, that doesn't mean your pain cannot be managed. To handle this pain, you need to first gain strength by regularly performing physical therapy. Next, address additional issues with your lifestyle like obesity or heavy smoking. In case your issue is around the hip or knee, you might want to go for surgery. 

Beyond Hands and Joints

When we talk about arthritis, the primary pain points are always around one's joint, hips, and knees. In some cases, even your hand may be affected. However, it is wrong to assume that these are the only body parts that are susceptible to arthritis. According to statistics, a majority of the people (at least 60%) between 60 to 75 years are diagnosed with osteoarthritis in their feet. Some of these individuals, also experience pain in their ankles. 

You Cannot Identify Juvenile Arthritis Easily

Just like osteoarthritis among adults, there isn't any specific diagnosis for juvenile arthritis. Even though you can pinpoint symptoms like inflammation and pain in the joint, sudden rashes on your skin, swelling around the lymph nodes, and fever, it is extremely difficult to identify the condition at the right time. If you see one or more symptoms in your child, consider consulting a doctor immediately. 

Animals Aren't Safe

Like humans, animals too have a high chance of being diagnosed with arthritis. This is most common in your pups and cats, even though several other animals may experience the same. Interestingly enough, the cause of arthritis is the same for both humans and animals. Like us, animals too experience osteoarthritis where their joint area is inflamed. Others may experience a breakdown of cartilage, which again is a type of pain that is experienced by humans. In animals, arthritis can lead to a sudden decrease in appetite, eventually resulting in weight loss. Since animals aren't articulate like humans, always observe your furry friends and make sure they are safe from this devastating condition. 

Bottom Line

Arthritis is painful, to say the least. However, the pain and inflammation can be addressed if you follow the right lifestyle and eat the right food and supplements. Do not ignore this condition and consult a doctor immediately if you experience constant and frequent pain. Add plenty of vegetables to your meal plan, avoid smoking and drinking, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, and avoid processed food to improve your current health condition. You can also try to perform low-impact training and light exercises to stay at the top of your health. Once you meet the mentioned parameters, you will be a step closer to battling arthritis and living a healthy and active life!

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