I have osteoarthritis, do I need surgery?


The above question may trigger you to think about the seriousness of osteoarthritis. Yes, the Osteoarthritis issue tends to get worse over time. So, you require surgery if treatment does not yield any results to the person. The X-ray shows the exact problem of your joint to the examining doctor. Bone rubbing against bone is the condition in which you can consider for surgery for osteoarthritis.

Surgery may improve the condition to a greater extent. Your life quality and mobility get improved after surgery. However, you will not receive any guarantee from the surgeon about pain reliving permanently after surgery. Pain and stiffness in the joint can occur even after surgery. Since you have different types of surgeries for your osteoarthritis problem, the surgeon will let you know the exact type that suits your condition.

How Knee osteoarthritis impacts your life?

Knee osteoarthritis, a musculoskeletal disorder that occurs due to the deterioration of joint cartilage. As a result, a bone spur may form resulting in breaking off small bones in the joint. Osteoarthritis is a progressive disease and has many effects on the life of an individual. Loss of mobility and stamina are serious issues of the disorder. Muscle tone reduction is a serious sign of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a complex disease and so you may have negative effects on the whole.

Normal life activities like climbing up the stairs, walking, sitting, or lying down become problematic to the individual who is suffering. Each body movement of an individual is affected by the disorder.

The affected people do not find a peaceful life due to lack of sleep, depression, and experiences fatigue. On the whole, deterioration of quality of life occurs in an individual. Not only physical health but the individual is seriously affected by psychological problems.

When it is time to consider surgery?

All of a sudden, doctors would not consider surgery for the patient as the best option. The surgical option is the last medical option or treatment for the osteoarthritis patient. Before this option, the patient may undergo the following treatments to cope with the disorder. They are

  • Medications: Doctors may suggest over-the-counter medicines for osteoarthritis.
  • Suggestion: creams or ointment by the doctors is common. The topical ointment can be rubbed onto the skin. The doctors may prescribe the medications such as stronger ones after analyzing the patient's status.
  • For pain relief some medications are injected into the joint.
  • Doing exercises and physical therapy.
  • Weight loss and nutritional supplements

If the above treatments do not work, surgery may be recommended by the doctors.

Either arthroscopic or knee replacement surgery is followed. This surgery involves removing the damaged cartilage.

Knew replacement surgery involves the replacement of an artificial joint instead of an original or damaged part.

Other types

Osteotomy and joint fusion are other surgical types available for osteoarthritis patients. In an osteotomy, a bone is cut at the damaged spot, and the wedge is added. In Joint fusion surgery, pins, plates, and screws are used to combine one or two bones together. Later, the joined bones fuse together.

You shall ask a question, “Do I need surgery for osteoarthritis?

Two people must answer the above question. Yes, one is your doctor and ther other one is yourself. Yes, you both have to decide on the surgical option. The doctor would say about the medical conditions and status of your surgery. You have to decide about the surgery option based on the following.

Am I healthy to undergo surgery?

  • Shall I be able to live with the pain henceforth?
  • Have you tried all the treatments prescribed by the doctor?
  • The above questions give you a solution to your query.

Understand the procedure

The person who has an osteoarthritis problem must understand the procedure to an extent so he or she can feel better. The above types of surgeries are explained to you in-depth by the surgeon. You can understand the details and so you can prepare yourself physically and mentally.

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