Improve your sleep even if you suffer from Arthritis

Arthritis is a disease of joints. One or more joints cannot perform perfectly due to inflammation in arthritis. It can lead to many problems as the person cannot work optimally. It is essential to manage your sleep timings perfectly if you want to live a healthy life.

Why Is Sleep Important?

It is an essential part of life. Without a perfect nap time, it is impossible to focus on any task and stay healthy. We have compiled a list of reasons why sleep is essential for your life.

  • Concentration improvement

Most experts suggest that you do the most important tasks after you wake up. One can concentrate WELL after a good night's sleep because the mind will refresh itself. You can improve your concentration when you take regular naps.

  • Ease of pain management

Lack of sleep can make you irritable. It will decrease your pain threshold also. You will feel more pain due to arthritis if you are not sleeping well. With adequate nap time, it will become easy to improve your pain threshold and manage arthritis pain better.

  • Immunity improvement

During the night, the human body produces specific chemicals to repair and protect the body. It means that you can improve your immunity by going to bed at a perfect time every day. The immune system cells work more efficiently when taking a nap because the body is in repair mode. If you have inflammation due to arthritis, optimum sleeping time is essential for you.

  • Ease in weight management

Your body will produce stress-causing neurotransmitters if you do not take a perfect nap. These neurotransmitters can force you to eat more. It will prevent you from achieving your weight goals because it is difficult to manage your eating habits. When you are taking a nap almost eight hours every day, your body will not produce stress-based neurotransmitter that forces you to eat more.

Types of Sleep Problems

There are three types of sleep issues. The most problematic issue is the lack of adequate time. In this problem, it is impossible to stay in bed eight hours every day. Most people suffering from a lack of adequate nap time cannot sleep through the night as they wake up after one or two hours.

Some people sleep eight hours a day without getting any benefits. They cannot manage their weight and get up tired. It can be due to many health issues related to lack of nutrition. Some people cannot sleep at night. These people go to bed during the day. It can lead to many health-related complications.

Sleep Tips for Arthritis, What Can I Do to Improve My Sleep?

If you are suffering due to sleep-related problems in arthritis, you can do many things to improve your condition. When you get a better nap, it is easy to manage arthritis-related issues.

  • Try cold temperature

When you are taking a nap, it is better to keep the temperature of your room lower. According to many research articles, lower temperature promotes better sleep. It will also restrict the blood supply towards the joints during the night to prevent night-time inflammation-related pain.

  • A hot bath before sleep

It is better to get a hot bath before going to bed because it will relax your body. Once a person takes a hot bath and goes to a cold room, he will get double benefit from these actions.

  • Use a thin pillow

Using a thin pillow will improve nap quality because it will put less stress on the backbone. Most people with arthritis have issues related to backbone pain. When you use the thin pillow, it will become easy to ignore these issues.

  • Use pain-relieving gels

It is better to use the pain-relieving gel if other actions are not giving results. Gel with camphor is better for patients with arthritis having sleep issues. In case of severe pain, you can use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine-based gels. These gels will reduce pain and inflammation.

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