New Year's Resolutions might be different with arthritis


As we approach the new year, it’s time to look ahead and make plans for a healthy, happy 2021. If you have arthritis, that means setting realistic lifestyle goals so you can stay active and feel better. Here are some New Year’s resolutions to help you make 2021 your best year yet.

Rewarding Activities

When it comes to your resolutions, it is important to pick something that you know you can realistically finish in the time that you want to. This could be for a year or just in the first month, or whatever period you choose. This will also change depending on the resolution you pick.
It is also important to look at your resolution not as a chore but as an activity. In this way you may find yourself looking at a rewarding activity instead of a boring chore that you are required to do because everyone wants you to resolve.
The easiest example of this would be to pick an activity that you like to do that you might want to do more of. You also have the option of researching ways to do activities that will not bother the areas where you hurt the most. 

Unrealistic Goals

If you do decide to stick with a New Year's Resolution make sure you set yourself something that you can realistically do. For many people a common resolution is something such as going to the gym. For people with chronic illnesses, this would most likely be an unrealistic choice. Something else you could try instead would be something simple and easy, such as going for a short walk. Whatever you chose, make sure you do it in spans that are realistic to yourself, and don't get discouraged if your goals look different from other people's. It is most important to work at your own pace.

Take Each Day as It Is

Each day might be different than the day before. Especially during the winter months or days where the weather might be discouraging, you might find yourself hurting worse than you do on sunny days. It is alright to take a break every so often, as long as you do not let yourself lose motivation. Take each day as it is and do whatever you can to feel better.

Let go of expectations

The overall most important part of attempting a New Year's Resolutions is to let go of your expectations. If you enter into your project without big expectations, you will not be disappointed if you do not meet them. No matter what, if you are set on trying to do a resolution even with your chronic pain, remember that your resolutions belong to you, and it's up to you how and when you accomplish them.

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