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Sleep - Techniques to improve Sleep  


Anyone who is experiencing chronic pain understands that sleeping through the night is almost an impossibility. It is reported that one in five people suffer from pain, especially if your health condition stems from arthritis.

 Nighttime Rest Is Important


 This is a progressive disease that weakens and destroys the body’s bones, cartilages, tendons, muscles, and ligaments. When you are trying to rest with these types of pain, quality slumber is lacking.

Sleep is vital for the human body. If you don’t receive enough repose, it affects how the brain functions. This means that the nerve cells within the body are too busy firing off rather than recuperating. When the body rests, the brain tells the body to rejuvenate.

Not receiving quality shut-eye makes people feel foggy in thought and your responses are slower. When chronic pain keeps you from reposting well, additional symptoms involve depression, stress, and anxiety, all of which make a person become mentally and physically disabled.

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

Arthritis Patients are most common  to deal with RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) which makes your legs feel like they are burning, tugging, or a constant crawling sensation in the leg. The body in this state wants the sufferer to move around in bed to try to find relief. RLS can occur during the daytime, especially if the sufferer was not active.

Tips to Improve Sleep specially having RLS

  • Keep It Moving

When you know the pain of arthritis, staying mobile is not what you want to hear. However, walking techniques are a great way to keep the joints moving, or else deterioration can occur more rapidly. A light walking technique before you go to bed is the best form of arthritic exercise. When you walk, the body’s temperature rises, meaning that the blood flows to the skin more quickly. This allows the body to experience a more resting cycle of slumber when you lie down. Walking has also proven to lessen stress and anxiety.

  •  Take Restful Aids

There is no shame in taking a medically prescribed resting aid from your doctor. As a comforting tip, there are slumber enhancing herbs, supplements, and extracts that help with sleep caused by chronic pain. These helpful tips include drinking teas like chamomile tea. Supplements like magnesium and zinc tablets are helpful. These organic slumbering aids help to improve the quality of rest in many individuals. 

  •  What You Put In Your Body

Do not smoke or drink alcohol prior to going to bed because their chemicals raise the level of pain you feel from arthritis. As one of many techniques, certain foods affect the production of sleep hormones like serotonin that invokes and improves your slumber. For example, right before going to bed, do not eat the following:

 - Foods containing carbohydrates

- Fruits like cherries

- Certain types of seafood

- Caffeinated foods and drinks like coffee, chocolates, ice cream, or caffeinated teas.




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Kitty Babakian

Good article.
Do you have anymore of those terrific bunyan sandals in a womems size 7?
I would buy you out of them. Yes, they fell apart in 30 days, but I would treat them more gingerly.
So comfortable! Really gave the bunyans a break.

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