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Types of Collagen

Introduction to Collagen.
The amplest insoluble fibrous proteins in the animal kingdom are collagen. Collagen is the lead insoluble protein in the extracellular matrix. It is also found in connective tissue. As of 2019, there are twenty-eight types of collagen that are known, yet the most common types found within the human body would be I, II, III, IV and V. Type IV and V are completely different kinds of collagen. Unlike the others, who are molecules pack together to form long thin fibrosis, Type IV and V forms a 2-dimensional reticulum linking them to other matrices or each other. It is now known that there are certain cells that create different types of collagen. There are many collagen that forms many different cellular structures and matrix's, but they all serve one purpose, which is to help tissue handle stretching better. 

Common Types of Collagen.
As stated above, the majority of collagen found in the human body are types I, II, III, IV, and V. Each of these types are all different in their own way. 

Type I Collagen.
Due to its abundance in tendon-rich tissue, such as a rats tail, Type I collagen are very simple to isolate. These types of collagen help tremendously with rebuilding muscles, bones, eyes, spine, and other tendons. It is also very helpful with stretching and wrinkling skin, as well as strengthen nails and hair. This is most abundant in fish or marine collagen.

Type II Collagen. 
This type mainly makes up all the protein molecules in cartilage, the connective tissue around bones and joints. This supports joints, spinal disk, and eyes from the pain. Very beneficial for arthritis. The best sources for this type is organic bone broth and chicken protein. 

Type III Collagen.
This type is found in myriad in human muscles, uterus, blood vessels and intestines. It is commonly mixed with Type I collagen to help with skin and gut healing. Type III also helps with the stretching and hydration of the skin. Bovine Collagen Peptides are a great source for Type III as well as Type I collagen. 

Type IV & V Collagen.
This collagen is required to create the placenta in pregnant women. Which is the organ that lines the womb? It supplies nutrients and oxygen to the fetus. Type V also helps create hair and cell surfaces. 


Benefits of Taking Collagen.
Collagen is very helpful to the human body. Sometimes people need them more than others. There are many different benefits of taking collagen supplements. Some benefits would be the heart and joint pain.

Helps the Heart. 
Collagen can provide structure in blood vessels and veins that help the heart tremendously. They can help treat atherosclerosis. 

Helps Joint Pain. 
Being able to repair muscle and bones, joint pain can be relieved or treated with collagen. It helps with arthritis as well as the muscles in your eyes. They are very beneficial to older people dealing with bone and joint pain. 

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