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Types of Knee Replacement Surgery

Most people cannot walk perfectly due to pain after a knee injury. A person usually gets well within two weeks of the mild injury. In some chronic conditions, it is impossible to get rid of pain and stiffness in the knee. It can be due to injury, diseases, or autoimmune diseases. If your knee is not working perfectly, you may need to visit a doctor to get an X-Ray scan. Sometimes, you may also need to go for other lab tests to identify the cause of the pain. If there is a chronic disease or your cartilage has become thin, you may need surgery.

Common Types

There are many options for knee surgery. An orthopedic surgeon specializes in checking the type of surgery you need to solve all the pain and stiffness-related issues. We have arranged a list of the most common surgeries to help you better understand the procedure.

Total knee replacement

It is one of the most common procedures.The surgeon will remove the cartilage from the femur and tibia bone as he replaces this cartilage with a specialized prosthetic device made of cartilage-like plastic material. The doctors may decide to keep the patella if it is not damaged. It is only possible to know the condition of the patella after making an incision on the knee.

Unicompartmental (partial) knee replacement

The knee consists of the inner part, the outer part, and the knee cap. If arthritis has affected only one part of the joint, the surgeon may suggest this surgery. There is no need to make a big incision and replace the whole joint. It is suitable for people who have recovery issues. This surgery decreases the recovery time because surgeons will make a small incision. There is also a drawback as there is a need for surgery revision in more people as compared to the total replacement.

Kneecap replacement (patellofemoral arthroplasty)

This surgeon replaces the lower part of the knee cap in this surgery. It is suitable for people who have arthritis under the knee cap only. It also has an advantage because there is no need to replace the complete knee structure. Some surgeons prefer the total replacement because it has fewer chances of failing. When the surgeons open the knee for surgery, they may find that they need to do a total replacement.

Complex or revision knee replacement

This surgery is most suitable for people with severe arthritis. People who are undergoing knee surgery more than once due to failure of the prosthetic knee joint should use this surgery. After many surgeries, a major part of the bone is lost. The surgeons have to arrange specialized prosthetic parts with the bigger stem. It means that the prosthetic cartilage will stay firmly on the bone. In some situations, these surgeons may arrange some metal or plastic to fill the gaps in the bones. If you have severe arthritis, it is better to choose complex surgery first to avoid replacement failure.

Advantages of knee replacement

There are several advantages of different types of knee surgeries. You can get rid of the chronic pain in the knee by replacement surgery. If you have a mobility issue, you should also choose knee surgery. Arthritis can limit your mobility as it is difficult to walk normally. Many people are overweight due to knee arthritis as they cannot exercise regularly. After the surgery, you can exercise regularly and improve the quality of your life.

Things to consider for a Knee replacement surgery

Before you go for knee replacement surgery, it is essential to check the non-surgical treatments. If you can reduce your weight and improve your diet, it may improve your mobility. You should also consult more than one specialist surgeon before choosing the type of knee surgery. Some diseases can affect the chances of success of the surgery. If you have diabetes or clotting factor deficiency, you should go for the surgery with caution. It is better to discuss all the chronic conditions with the specialist before finalizing the decision for the surgery. It is better to discuss if the surgery is the most suitable option. For older people, many other factors can cause mobility issues.

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