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Electric Knee Brace (Hot Therapy)

This Hot Therapy Electric Knee Brace is ideal for anyone living with chronic, inflammatory knee pain resulting from strains, sprains, arthritis, injury, or other muscle/joint fatigue. It can also be used on and off the playing field to prevent sports-related injuries and can be used daily for around-the-clock relief. With the included pocket for ice packs and/or herbal relief, you can find both hot and cold relief without ever changing the knee brace.

Your knees are just as important as your back. If one or both of your knees is in pain, your movement and life, in general, are extremely limited. With the help of heat therapy and a knee brace, your knees will be much more comfortable, enabling you to be as active as you’d like. This brace is perfect for those who perform manual labor, participate in sports, or for those living with arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

Key features:

  • Relieves pressure and reduces stress on the knee joint during intense exercise and heavy usage
  • Effectively relieves acute and chronic knee pain from arthritis, strains, sprains, and fatigue
  • Ideal for post-surgery recovery or preventing sports injuries
  • Adjustable wrap-around knee brace with two straps on a neoprene base is comfortable and easy to wear
  • Pocket for cold therapy: Built with a net pocket for ice bags or herbal therapy
  • Hot and cold therapy in one knee brace
  • Heats up very quickly
  • 3 heat levels: Click the power button to switch between 3 different gears: first gear (red light), the second gear (white light), and third gear (blue light).
    • Wide temperature range: 100.4-149℉/38-65℃
    • 5V USB input: 100.4-111.2℉/38-44℃
    • 8.4V adapter input: 104-149℉/ 40-65℃

Washing instructions:

1. Wash in cold water by hand. Don’t wash it in your washing machine.
2. After washing, don’t wring it vigorously. Handle it gently and allow it to air-dry.
3. Do not directly expose it to the sun, fire, or hot iron, This will damage the insulator or heating conductor.