PenAgain - Arthritis Writing Pen (3 PACK)
PenAgain - Arthritis Writing Pen (3 PACK)
PenAgain - Arthritis Writing Pen (3 PACK)
PenAgain - Arthritis Writing Pen (3 PACK)
PenAgain - Arthritis Writing Pen (3 PACK)
PenAgain - Arthritis Writing Pen (3 PACK)

PenAgain - Arthritis Writing Pen (3 PACK)

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For people with illnesses like Arthritis, Writer's cramp, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Hand Tremor, Fibromyalgia or Parkinson writing is a challenge. Their sense of self-reliance can be eroded, especially if their ability to write is reduced to the point at which they must rely on others to write on their behalf. 

Conventional pens rely on the strength of a person’s grip. But for people with these conditions gripping can be very difficult given the symptoms that they face that might include swelling of the joints, stiffness and hand tremors.

PenAgain, an ergonomic design pen, takes advantage of the weight of the hand to hold the pen in place. There is no need to apply pressure to the pen avoiding pain in the finger´s joints. Its special “Y” design steadies the hand and utilizes the whole arm to write and not only the fingers, reducing gripping and squeezing when writing. It is more about guiding and less about gripping.




Alleviate hand pain and find comfort while writing.


  • Ergonomic design: Ideal for left and right-handed people, reduces the stress from writing.
  •  Extra soft rubber finish: Rubber coating is comfortable to hold.
  • Innovative features: Retractable point, pocket clip. Easily refillable
  • Compact size: Easy to carry and use
  • Pack of 3 Pens: 3 blue 
  • Ink: blue ink in the 3 pens


non-pressurized 1.0 mm black ink cartridge.

Product dimension: 7.6 x 5.2 x 0.8 inches

Point Type medium

Important Notification UK:

UK: The destination country will require duties and taxes to be paid. The responsibility of the duty and tax charges lies in the hands of the end customer.
Unfortunately, we do not have control over this matter, so we can not estimate nor control it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Gary Glascom
Arthritic pens

My wife has arthritis and these pens help a lot.

Donna Birmingham

I Love these! I have Dystonia and essential tremors. This little pen goes everywhere I go. It gives me more control.

Joan Pellicci
More control

I have essential tremors and I was limited to writing but with this pen it gives me more control.

These pens are wonderful!

I love these pens. Please continue to carry them, and please begin to carry the refills. I would rather give you folks the sale as opposed to the big guys!

Kerryn A

These pens have restored the joy of writing. Very easy to use. No fatigue or pain after writing for extended periods. And my writing is readable again. Thank you for a brilliant product.

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