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Multi-Functional Pen Grips Writing Aid

The Ultra Pencil Grip offers the user additional comfort during use.

People with arthritis who have difficulty holding pens, pencils, artists' paint brushes, and other items will find these pen grippers useful to their fingers. Recommended by doctors and occupational therapist for adults.
Its ergonomic design also provides relief of hand fatigue and pain
It also reduces grip pressure for people suffering from arthritis and carpal tunnel. It allows one finger to exert downward pressure for writing and you don't need to squeeze it. 

Pen Grips Writing Aid can be used on a pencil, pen, scalpel or any other pencil-like instrument.
Specially designed for people with arthritis, hand cramping, dystonia, Carpal Tunnel and any type of grip impairment or for just plain comfort.
They are used for finger stress relief as well as prevention of cramping, or other difficulties.

Why you should have these Pen Grips?

✔️Improves hand fatigue and pain relief
✔️Increases comfort
✔️Proper hand positioning
✔️Improves control in your fingers